Europe 101

The program concept is based on the principle of agile leadership, an approach that helps future leaders achieve positive impact and dramatic change.


The pilot hybrid joint project of the Common Purpose, UWC Dilijan, Scholae Mundi Armenia, and Dilijan Community Center. The main goal of the project is to find a better connection between the course content to the local reality of Dilijan  and plan immediate actions for improvement.

Europe101 is an online program of the Common Purpose, which convenes diverse groups of modern leaders, that challenge participants to think through what sort of leaders they want to be and work on the development of the skill set, that is required to become future leaders. The program aims to equip participants with Cultural Intelligence and build up networks among the participants from over 60 countries. The “Liquid Leadership” approach, which is the core of the concept helps future leaders bring positive, game-changing impact. The project in Dilijan is a unique program addition, that with the integration of international students and local activists aims to increase the impact.

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