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My Machine is a project that brings together children and students to jointly create innovative solutions. Participants develop teamwork skills, creative thinking and technical proficiency.


My Machine Armenia is a franchise of the global foundation My Machine, which operates in 48 countries, including Armenia. My Machine is a collaborative program involving schools of all educational levels. The process consists of four steps. In Step 1, primary school children invent and present their own "Dream Machine" ideas through drawings, models, or manuals. The main criterion is that it’s relevant for the child who really wants it.

Step 2 involves higher education students designing a concept and creating a scale model. In Step 3, technical drawings/designs are given to Technical/Vocational Secondary Schools, where real working prototypes are built with the assistance of the children and higher education students. Throughout the process, kids and students work together, learning from each other.

Step 4 concludes an exhibition showcasing the original drawings, scale models, and working prototypes.

MyMachine emphasizes the importance of celebration as an attitude and a crucial aspect of setting and achieving goals for kids.

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