Dilijan Community Center

The mission of Dilijan Community Center is to help every resident become part of an active community which strives to improve life in their city and community.


DCC is a public organization that integrates local and international initiatives and human development programs.

It focuses on the needs of various social groups, consolidates resources to meet those needs, and supports resident-driven development initiatives.

Over its 10-year history, the center has implemented a huge number of projects and has held numerous events for people of all ages. Its goal is to unite generations, strengthen the local community, and enhance its quality of life.

Currently, community centers operate in Dilijan, Agavnavank, and Tatev.

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The official representative of the international initiatives Good Deeds Day

- the official representative of the Diamond Challenge for youth innovation development in Armenia.


Official opening of the center in Dilijan

To get in touch with the project team, fill out the contact form or send an email to.

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Dilijan Community Center
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