Teach for Armenia

Improve education in rural areas of Armenia by attracting international volunteers and supporting local teachers.


The "Scholae Mundi Armenia" Charity Foundation has been supporting Teach For Armenia's educational and leadership programs since 2018. This foundation shares the goal of inspiring students to become active participants in finding solutions and contributes to the overall mission of creating a better future through educational opportunities for future changemakers.

Teach For Armenia works with over 150 schools located in various regions of Armenia. Until September 2023, Teach For Armenia programs also covered Artsakh.

One of the programs that was supported by the foundation is the Nation-Builders. The program is an initiative that allows dedicated individuals from around the world to contribute to the development of Armenia through education in rural areas. These schools often face challenges in providing their students with excellent educational opportunities, particularly in rural communities. The foundation has supported the Khnushinak Secondary School in Artsakh.

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